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Burnout Prevention & More


Catapult Your Business or Non-Profit’s Capacity

Studies show that for 46% of adults, their main cause of stress is their workload. While there are ways to alleviate stress at work, like prioritizing, organizing, de-personalizing, and becoming even more emotionally-intelligent and mindful, we all need reminders about how to include these behaviors into each and every work day.

That’s where great trainers come in. Michelle is one of those transformative trainers that’s able to help you connect a highly-trained workforce to your bottom-line.

Corporate and non-profit trainers alike must be highly-trained, credentialed, and experienced with knowing that each client is unique. In the digital age, boilerplate just won’t do. If you’re ready to have your teams excited, transformed, and engaged with content-rich, actionable, and customized presentations, then Michelle is just the right trainer for you. Michelle is an internationally certified coach, trainer, and mentor who is able to tailor any of her award-winning presentations to the needs of your unique audiences and teams. If you want to “catapult your capacity,” at your next event, excursion, or retreat, then connect with Michelle to learn more.

“Michelle came to speak at our regional meeting. We are a bunch of stressed, overworked, medical Practice Managers. After a morning of talks on regulations, fines, and red tape, Michelle faced a tough crowd. She was so engaging, informative, and amazingly funny, we were immediately absorbed. She also provided real-world suggestions for our field and our busy lives that it made for a wonderful afternoon!”

Sara A., Practice Administrator, Medical Group Management Association

Training Details

Understanding that how your employees respond to stress, conflict, and change is directly linked to how they will handle sales calls, customer relations, and team dynamics. To build your bottom-line and ensure your brand’s success, training your teams is essential. Whether becoming more agile, building emotional intelligence, utilizing strategic thinking for organizational alignment, communicating clearly, managing conflict through stress and change, or leading your teams in problem-solving and navigating complex systems, we’ve got you covered.


  • A thorough analysis of the issues you and your teams are facing.

  • Surveys and phone calls may be employed.

  • The development of a customized plan just for you and your team.

  • Contracts signed with a benchmark on deliverables.


  • A more engaged, de-stressed and emotionally-aware and mindful team.

“Michelle helps entrepreneurs, high-performing teams, executives, and athletes get laser-focused on how to save time, money, and energy each day.”

Richard Gallagher, Two-time #1 bestselling customer service author, workplace communications skills expert, writer, LMFT

Training Topics Include

  • Mindful Nation: Why Laying Down Rather than Leaning In Can Save American Lives

  • The Mindful Woman In Search of Balance: Do's, Don'ts and No You Didn't!

  • Lies, Lies, and Alibis: Why Women Can't Have it All and Do it All Well: Myths, the Patriarchy, and Perfectionism"

  • Exploring the Link Between Health and Wealth: The Financial Benefits of Gratitude

  • Connecting the Dots Between Stress, Time, Burnout, and Your Bottom-Line"

  • The Inherent Value of Conflict at Work

  • How Communication Drives Innovation

  • Agile, Flexible, and Forward-Thinking Leader of Tomorrow, Today!

  • Mindful Self-Care as the Antidote to Burnout at Work

  • Laughter Matters: Why Happy Employees are Your Best Asset

  • Team Building: Project Outdoors

  • Mindfulness at Work: Leading Mindful Teams with High Emotional Intelligence

  • The Mindful Entrepreneur: Successful, Productive, and All that Ohm

  • Building Emotional Intelligence, Critical Communication Skills, and Managing Conflict for Organizational Alignment

  • Dealing with Difficult People, Situations, and Varying Viewpoints

  • Managing Holiday Stress, Burnout and More!