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My teenage daughter took this photo of me (above) in one of my favorite places, on the beautiful Cornell University campus where I received my graduate degree in Organizational Communication.

Are you interested in partnering with me? That’s great! I’m super psyched to learn more about you or your business, organization, school, start-up, or corporation.

What I Do

a) help you personally overcome any barriers to your total health, happiness, and wellness by having you look at your END goals instead of your MEANS goals first.

b) motivate your organization/team along their own wellness journeys through consulting, coaching, and inspirational speaking.

c) deliver a kick-ass talk or stunning presentation at your next BIG EVENT;

or d) some combination thereof of all of the above.

Here Are Your Next Steps

Step 1. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consult. You can do that right here.

Step 2. Watch your email for additional questions from me. Before we hop on the phone, I’d like to know a bit about you and what you’d like to get out of working with me.

Step 3. Hit “reply” to that email and answer the questions right away!

Step 4. At the scheduled time of your consult, we’ll consult! We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.

Step 5. Then we’ll get started! If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.

My Work Ethic: Compassionate Communication

I remember some of my hardest days in class were the ones when I compared myself to those around me. My easiest, less stressful days? Those were the ones where I focused on competing with myself, not with others.

Now, as an internationally-certified health and wellness coach I believe in meeting people where they're at. Every individual and team is different. That's why cookie- cutter approaches don’t work. I call our work together: “Compassionate Customization.” I provide customized wellness coaching and specifically-designed programs tailored to your needs as either an individual, group, organization, or corporation.

So whether you require a stellar keynote address, a content-rich intensive, group coaching, a burnout reduction program, or high-level wellness consulting for your business or organization, I've got you covered.

Have additional questions?

Email me at info@michellecourtneyberry dot com.

My Company’s Mission

What do we do? Whom do we serve? How do we serve them?

Mission: We help overworked visionaries lead healthier, happier lives by creating simple, easy-to-follow road maps that delight and engage our customers, thus allowing them the freedom to create non-negotiable blocks of time that lead to radically mindful self-care, unshakable confidence, and limitless abundance. Every single day, we join forces to partner with the brightest minds in the wellness industry that are also committed to interrupting the cycle of unmitigated stress that leads to burnout and thus decreasing health care costs by creating inclusive cultures that promote preventive health care, happy workplaces, and authentic work-life integration.


What are our hopes and dreams? What problem are we solving for the greater good? Who and what are we inspiring to change?

Vision: We will radically shift the incidences of burnout at work by empowering workers to toward small business by empowering people to take one small step each day to improve their wellness on any level, and thus create a ripple effect that creates a giant shift in how they view their health and wellness. We wish to decrease the cycle of unmitigated stress that leads to burnout in less than a generation.

10 Core Values

A lifelong commitment to building healthy people, teams, and workplaces.

Our 10 Core Values:

Compassionate Commitment * Courageous Risk-Taking * A Spirit of Adventure * Integrity * Innovation * Creativity * Inclusion * Humor * Service * Respect for Humans, Animals, & The Environment